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is an independently owned Biweekly Mortgage Calculator.  There are no banks, lending institutions or Mortgage Brokers who will be annoying you just for visiting us and figuring your mortgage options.  EZ Calculator was built by Real Estate Investors and you may use it as much as you want.  You will not be harassed by salespeople.

Ez Calculator's Free Online Biweekly Calculator

is in a purely mathematical sense, the most accurate Biweekly Calculator you will find.  Different online biweekly mortgage calculators will give slightly different answers for the same mortgage.  Our calculators, the Biweekly Mortgage Calculator and all our others, use pure calculus.  Therefore, our answers are theoretically, right on the money. (pun intended)  Ez Calculator calculates everthing to the penny.  Other online calculators round off.  Ez Calculator's calculators will always give you the most accurate answer.  Since EZ Calculator was built by Real Estate investors, that's the way we like it; real accurate!  So, if our calculation is a little different than theirs, you will know we're right!  Some online Biweekly Mortgage Calculators amortize yearly.  These calculators only give you a vague idea how much money you would save over the course of a mortgage because lenders actually compound monthly.  Once again, EZ calculator's Biweekly Mortgage Calculator is much more thorough than these calculators.

Another thing that makes EZ Calculator's Biweekly Mortgage Calculator a better quality calculator is that it allows you to start your biweekly conversion calculation at any time into the mortgage.  Other online biweekly mortgage calculators assume a 30 year term.  They require you to input the amount of  the mortgage, the interest rate and the term or years of the mortgage.  With this information, the calculator starts its calculating by figuring your payment.  The information the calculator will have at this point, is the terms at the start of the mortgage.  This not very helpful because 99% of the time, a Biweekly Mortgage is converted to after the monthly mortgage plan has been instituted.  Sometimes it is several years into the term of a regular monthly payment schedule when someone decides to convert to biweekly.  So, what good is it for him to know what he would have saved from the beginning of his term when it has already passed?  EZ Calculator's Biweekly Mortgage Calculator requires you to input the amount owed on the mortgage, the interest rate and the monthly payment.  From there it calculates the time left on the mortgage and the time it would take to pay off the same mortgage converted to a biweekly plan, when being started from this point.  Then it calculates the amount of money saved because of the conversion to the biweekly plan.  This calculation could be made at any time: the beginning of the mortgage term or well into it.  

Hopefully, we made the point that EZ Calculator's Biweekly Mortgage calculator is the best and most accurate Biweekly Mortgage Calculator on the Web.  However, we at EZ Calculator are not very big fans of Biweekly Mortgages.  In fact, to see how we really feel about them make sure to read,The Biweekly Mortgage Scam

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Biweekly Mortgage Information

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Any calculator you could posibly need can be found at Free Mortgage Calculator

Make sure you read "The Biweekly Mortgage Scam